This interview answers all the questions you have ever had about the mortgage process, current interest rates, and a projection of  what’s to come!  This is excellent ear candy for anyone thinking about a home purchase, a refinance and bonus information for Real Estate Professionals.  So much information packed in one episode. Listen, learn and share!!  

From the Host Thrilled to introduce our guest today, Jon Aucutt. Jon is a private mortgage banker with Mainstreet bank that provides specialized mortgage products to fit all of his client’s needs. I love real estate and all things surrounding real estate!  As a Business Coach who supports many real estate professionals, teams and brokers, I respect and understand how important the mortgage process is to a professional and the purchase process.   As a home owner, I am ALWAYS curious about the current state of the market, interest rates and the projection of things to come.  This interview covers that discussion from corner to corner and even gives a little extra!  Jon Aucutt brings so much knowledge and direction to this conversation.   Join us as we discuss the mortgage Process, Insight for the home purchaser, the home owner, and The Realtor in the mortgage process! Absolutely an educational experience!!  

Today’s Episode Talks about: 

  • Is it time to refinance? Rules and guidelines 
  • Minimum score necessary to qualify in this market 
  • Current purchase down payment options and programs 
  • Expectations and service for professional partnerships  
  • Advantages to working with and partnering with a private mortgage banker 
  • Time-lines to close  

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