Mark Pnacek is a Certified Recovery Life Coach who has helped hundreds of people in the Midland, Michigan area to make some amazing transitions in their lives who may be dealing with drug or alcohol addiction to help them become productive members of society and stay in recovery.

Mark finds the biggest problems people in recovery face are not being sure they want to go to treatment, being afraid, in denial, and unsure they have a problem.

More than that, it takes a willingness to succeed on the part of the person in recovery to take their big egos head on because simply put, “nobody likes to be told what to do”.

After ten years of being in recovery and staying on the path of positivity and enlightenment for himself, Mark found a passion for giving back what was so freely given to him by being that one friend in a person’s life who can say he’s felt their pain and will guide them to living true to themselves and everyone else even when nobody else would talk to them or was simply done in their life.

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Email Mark at with Subject Line: “Recovery Life Coach”

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