Welcome to Swift Talk with Sherry Swift! We are continuing the conversation in our Growth Series and having the imperative conversation around Financial Growth .

As a Business and Performance Coach, a great number of my clients and partnerships are entrepreneurs, small business owners, start-ups, independent sales people and people who are 1099nd (responsible for their own retirement plans, investments and residual income opportunities. So often in this environment we focus on the grind, the work, the momentum and forget about the need for strategic financial planning. We do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do…but if there’s NO money….there’s no doing!

From the Host: Educational ,Engaging and Consultative! I could have talked with Joe Miltello for hours. What a wonderful opportunity for our listeners to learn the language and importance of financial stages, identifying where you are and planning for a successful rest of your life! Joe has offered to give away 3 autographed books to the first three listeners to write to me at swifttalk@sherryswift.com . I would encourage you to visit my web-site @ www.sherryswift.com and read my blog from this episode and download the bullet points to this most important discussion about financial health.

Today’s Episode Talks about:
• The fear of the unknown
• The consultative process, where do we begin?
• Identifying your life stage -defined
1. Accumulation
2. Distribution
3. Preservation
• Investments and Retirement
• Maintaining your desired lifestyle
• Executing the right moves at the right time in your financial life
• A properly balanced portfolio

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