Today, Vinney talks about self-respect and how to overcome difficulties without losing yourself in the meantime.  Mr. Smiles explains how self-respect is all about what we believe we deserve. Mr. Smiles also explains how it also comes from who you surround yourself. Vinney tells his personal story of how he had to overcome the difficulties of being bullied and how he overcame that situation and kept his self-respect.  Vinney says it is all about your self-esteem.  You can not change others, but you can change yourself and how you allow others to affect you.  Stay tuned, Mr. Smiles gives his advice to someone that is struggling with self-respect.  Don’t limit your self-worth to what other people are saying about you.  Mr. Smiles says, sometimes people want to be like you, but instead of supporting you they will bring you down.  This is such a great podcast that will help you to accept who you are and how to grow to be a confident person that has the self-esteem to have self-respect.

  • What will you put up with?
  • Not everything you see on social media is true.
  • No one should dictate your self-worth.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • You can’t please everyone.
  • Pay gratitude and help others.
  • It’s not always about you.

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Alicia Williams-Dibrell

Alicia Williams-Dibrell is a Best Selling Author and a host of Business Innovators Radio.

Vinney (Smile) Chopra

Vinney Chopra (Mr. Smiles) came to the US from India with $7 in his pocket. As a MultiFamily Syndication expert, he has acquired and manages a very successful real estate investment portfolio worth over $300 million. Vinney has been a professional Fundraising Consultant and Motivational Speaker for