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Today we have with us David Ring, author of Unclog Your Happiness: A Practical Guide to Living Blissfully. Ever-searching, never finding, we continue a never-ending journey in our hunt for happiness. New scientific research has shown the way we think causes us to be unhappy. Modern gurus, like Eckhart Tolle, exclaim the blissful state of no-thoughts — the power of now. But the directions and instructions for getting there are lacking. Unclog Your Happiness is a practical and simple guide to reaching that place, using meditation and self-inquiry to shut down the brain’s happiness inhibiting default network, and reclaiming the ultimate blissful existence.

About David Ring

Author David Ring had an atypical upbringing that left him with a negative mindset, so he began to seek freedom from his pessimistic thoughts.
With very little interest in the corporate world, he left university in 2006, and began travelling the world and searching for happiness.
His first business venture was running a Bed and Breakfast in Franklin, NH.

Upon coming to Thailand in 2010, he began writing his first novel, Bound Before the Morrow, hoping to portray his own personal journey out of negativity and to inspire others to do the same. During the five years it took to write, his views changed slightly, and spirituality entered the mix. The book still maintained the original message, but a new way of life had opened for David. David still bases himself in Thailand. He avoids the heat by escaping into air conditioned coffee shops and plunging himself into writing. In this way he gently and articulately shares his philosophical beliefs.

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