Basics of Matchmaking School
Listen in as Peggy describes her learning experience at the Matchmaking Institute of New York. What do you need to pay attention to when matchmaking? Peggy details that listening carefully during one-on-one sessions and making sure to take care of the business are essential.

A Traditional Matchmaker
Wondering what the role of the Traditional Matchmaker is all about? It isn’t all that easy. Tune in as she discusses her role and what happens as she helps single men seek their significant halves.

Getting to Know the Clients
As an important and unique step, Peggy’s process involves a friendly and in-depth interview process to get to know the men who sign up for her services. For a healthy addition after the initial meetings, she helps her clients with additional advice and coaching.

What Happens as the Relationship Progresses?
A second date? You don’t want to miss out! Peggy describes the matchmaking process as it evolves when a match is made. In her position, she treats the matchmaking relationship as one where she plays the role of support, coach, and consultant, providing advice to help the matchmaking continue in a positive direction.

A Heterosexual Business Model
With a different twist on things, we learn what is Important for her clients and this has led to a focus on heterosexual relationships. She discusses that while other matchmakers are focused in other areas, being focused on the heterosexual niche allows her to provide better attention and service to her clientele.

Finding the Right Date & Personality
Something that we may never have considered previously, hear Peggy discuss the role of online dating versus the commitment involved in matchmaking services.  Peggy further explains how her organization is focused on professional businessmen in and around the Seattle area.

With each one of her clients providing a different set of values, Peggy describes the critical factors of personalities and preferences to help her clients find the right mates.

Applying Pressure and Opening Minds
Finding the line and crossing it. Hear Peggy describe how she sometimes pushes the limits for her clients and partners. While she does her best to find the perfect match, sometimes her clients may not understand or see it the same way at first. However, Peggy’s intuition and experience has proved her correct time and again.

Successful Dates
Eliminate the phone number exchange. One of Peggy’s principles to her matchmaking first date is to avoid the exchange of phone numbers. Join in to learn about some of the other advice she offers to people who are on their first date- some helpful tips you don’t want to miss. How does sitting at the bar help make a date more lively? Listen as she explains the benefits of moving the date setting to sitting at the bar.

Doing Something and Dressed for Success
Listen to the lady with the experience and know- how. Peggy’s tips include having a second date that is physical and involves moving around. Hear her describe why physical activity during the second date is important. A second important word of advice is to make a good impression by being appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Support and Contact
Peggy takes her role to help her clients have a well-rounded experience to finding a mate, both for her matchmaking services and with improving online profiles, very seriously.

Indulge in her 8-week coaching program and advice every other week with her podcast “Real Souls”. Importantly, Peggy wants to help people “manifest their best life”.

Peggy Bennett is the founder of Straight to the Heart Matchmaking, helping Seattle singles find love. Her portfolio includes working as a one-on-one consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Peggy’s intuitive abilities for matchmaking turned a hobby into a successful matchmaking organization for business professionals. Her organization is focused on finding love with a personal and discreet approach. She received her Certified Matchmaker status from the Matchmaking Institute of New York. Peggy has been described as genuine, approachable and passionate.

Additional Information: Help find that special someone and connect with Peggy at http://www.straighttotheheart.net or email at peggy@straighttotheheart.net

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