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As a registered nurse and minister’s daughter who specializes in women’s sexual and reproductive health, Valda Ford helps countless people all over the world have healthy and fulfilled lives.

Valda found there is an enormous need for an advocate to help people understand the issues that have to do with sex such as health, intimacy, how to talk to your kids, and much more. It all started for Valda when her younger brother was diagnosed with HIV. She learned all she could and did her master’s thesis on HIV policy.  After being asked to help decrease teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses she realized that the missing link to accurate and effective sex education was to educate parents and guardians. She has live seminars and online live events to spread the word and change the conversation about sex and decrease the ills that arise from a lack of knowledge. Her work spans a continuum from abstinence to pre-conception health and decreasing infant mortality.

Valda’s work is received with enthusiasm all over the world.  Even as she speaks to people of different cultures, languages and traditions, her work translates very well. With her experiences in 45 countries and her experience as a “preacher’s kid” Valda understands how to blend her graduate level education with the beliefs of her attendees to enhance their lives and the overall health of the community.

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