At its heart, marketing is nothing more than starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer.

Today there is no faster, easier, or more powerful way to start that conversation than to be the featured guest expert on podcasts your prospects are already listening to.

In his book, Podcast Guest Profits, Tom Schwab shares a step-by-step system for leveraging podcast interviews that has been proven to convert 25 times better than blogs.

Tom insists that, using just a microphone, an internet connection, and the information in his book, any professional can speak to millions of ideal prospects and turn them into profitable customers.

In this conversation I ask him what podcast guesting is, who it works for, and how any professional can get started becoming a profitable podcast guest.

Click this is the link to connect with Tom, take his online assessment test, request a free copy of his book, or schedule a phone meeting:


Frank Felker

Frank Felker is a bestselling business author, educator, coach and consultant. In addition to hosting Business Innovators Radio, he is the creator and host of the social media talk show, Radio Free Enterprise, as well as the founder of Frank Felker School of Business, with over 25,000 students enrolled from 169 countries around the world.