Hiring and managing remote workers has suddenly become a critical challenge for businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.

That’s why I asked Justin Brown, co-founder of Primal Video, a video training and resources firm located in Brisbane, Australia, to join me for a conversation on Business Innovators Radio.

Justin and his brother (and co-founder) Mike promote their business exclusively on YouTube. They have produced 328 videos to date, that have attracted over 700,000 subscribers and millions of views.

For the past several years, virtually all of their video production and business administration work has been performed by remote workers in other countries, primarily the Philippines.

In this conversation, I ask Justin to share how he sources and vets highly-productive remote workers, manages them on an ongoing basis and keeps them on his team for years to come.

Frank Felker

Frank Felker is a bestselling business author, educator, coach and consultant. In addition to hosting Business Innovators Radio, he is the creator and host of the social media talk show, Radio Free Enterprise, as well as the founder of Frank Felker School of Business, with over 25,000 students enrolled from 169 countries around the world.