In this episode, we discuss “The Singles’ Guide to Homeownership: Demystifying the Top 5 Common Myths and Simplifying the Process” with Realtor Sharlotte “Shay” Johnson.

Sharlotte “Shay” Johnson is a passionate REALTOR® who combines her love for the industry with her passion for education and publicity.

Shay first became a Texas licensed real estate agent in 2002 and worked in both real estate and Dallas Independent School District as a specialist in Employee Relations and Human Resources.

Shay re-entered the real estate business in 2017, after serving in both Dallas Independent School Districts and Dallas Can Academy for over 18 years! Drawing from years of experience as an educator, publicist and administrator, Shay has built a reputation for her refreshingly friendly and compassionate customer care, precise attention to detail and sharp negotiating skills.

She is an active agent with BSA Realty, serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area specializing in Singles, rental locating and luxury homes. As an experienced agent, Shay understands that buying and selling is one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life and views education, representation and demystifying this process for her clients as a true privilege!

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Phone: 214-982-0187

Jerica Nicole Glasper

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