Based in Brooklyn, NY, Sara Golan is a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson who helps first time home buyers get their dream home, by focusing on her clients’ needs.

She runs Online Homes Real Estate with her husband. Her secret is to care for her clients, by putting herself into their shoes and accommodating their needs.

In today’s show Sara talks about how first time home buyers can avoid losing out on their dream home, due to unrealistic expectations.

You can find out more about Sara Golan at:

Or contact her directly at:

Online Homes Real Estate LLC
1024 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

C: 718-812-7799
P: 718-454-5400

Ole Didriksen

Ole Didriksen is a publisher, trust and credibility strategist and a contributing writer for Business Innovators Magazine and Radio, covering innovative and successful entrepreneurs taking a stand against dishonest practices in the Real Estate Market, improving the perception of the industry.