As a 25-year veteran in professional speaking, Richard Paul has helped countless audiences on stress reduction, customer service and bully prevention.

At a young age Richard was picked on by the proverbial bully. That adversity eventually led to Richard’s ability to give terrific speeches on bully prevention and helping schools and bullied victims overcome the problem. Richard also speaks on stress reduction and how to use humor to relieve stress. He also talks on customer service and how to create experiences that really “Wow!” customers.

In this extremely important interview, Richard talks about all of the aspects that he has encountered in his speaking career that have brought him where he is today. He offers insight into his speaking business and what it takes to do a high-class job.

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Contact Richard at: 800-579-8051 or email Richard at: or

Andy Curry

Andy Curry is a Best Selling Author, publisher, multiple businesses owner and an iReporter contributor for CNN covering business innovators and successful entrepreneurs in Business, Health, Finance, and Personal Development.

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