In this episode, Host Jerica Glasper interviews tax specialist Nyreen Sowah, EA, CTC – the CEO and founder of Citizens Tax Firm located in Dallas, TX about the key facts and common misconceptions around how the new tax law changes, or Trump tax, will impact homeowners across the nation.


Nyreen Sowah is an Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Coach. She is the owner of Citizens Tax Firm located in Dallas, TX. Citizens Tax Firm is a strategic tax and business consulting firm which offers service to the exceptional.

Her firm provides tax planning for small businesses, financial consulting, bookkeeping and other business advisory services. Nyreen has 10 years of experience as a Small Business Expert, consultant and a liaison with German expats who practices the concept of great tax planning.

Her diverse knowledge and experience allows her to bring new and innovative ideas to her clients. Her job is to protect her clients’ blind side from the IRS while saving them as many tax dollars as possible. Her team uses audit tested real world tax savings that keeps your money in YOUR POCKET…

When you bring Nyreen onto your team, you can feel confident that you are partnering with a professional who is honest and reliable and who will always have your best interest in mind.

You can contact Nyreen by phone at: (214) 630-6553 or by email at:

Jerica Nicole Glasper

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