As an employment lawyer and professional speaker, Natalie Holder offers harassment prevention and diversity training to diverse organizations such as the government, entertainment companies, corporations and more.

In this extremely important interview, Natalie will tell you the little unknown secrets about what your boss can and cannot do to you. You’ll also hear how Natalie went from being an employment lawyer to speaking about diversity, inclusion and recruitment that she is now very passionate about within her speaking business. You’ll also notice that Natalie is very articulate, intelligent, and you’ll get a real sense for her legal background and depth of knowledge in her subject.

Natalie is based out of Connecticut and has written 2 books. The first book is called, “Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce: New Rules for a New Generation.” Her second book is called, ” Exclusion: Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Recruitment, Retention and Promotion.”

To learn more, contact or call her at 1-800-897-0260

Andy Curry

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