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Michael Carroll is a business owner in Toronto who makes and sells his own small-batch, craft flavored hemp milk through his new business Hemp DeeLite.

Although fairly new to the marketplace, hemp milk is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to dairy, and craft made hemp milk is non-GMO, and preservative free, unlike common alternatives: soy, almond, and coconut. As a result from its high protein content in the hemp seeds, hemp milk is a frequent choice for vegans and vegetarians.

Has your milk gone bad? Packaged dairy alternatives may seem to have a long shelf-life, but the freshness of your product begins to deteriorate immediately on the day it’s opened. So why not have fresh hemp milk in your home to drink by the glass, in hot drinks, with your breakfast smoothies & cereal, and even in your baking and cooking – for most people it’s just a matter of finding someone local who can deliver the freshly made product weekly.

To find out more about Michael and how to make and use hemp milk yourself, email and website coming soon

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