As a professional speaker who specializes in helping people develop authentic happiness in leaders, Michael Anderson has made a significant impact to his listeners.

During this important interview, Michael revealed a lot of the tactics that he uses to help people realize the happiness that they are missing in their lives.  Michael goes on to explain how even leaders of billion dollar businesses are secretly feeling unhappy and even feeling like they are a fraud. Be sure to listen to Michael describing how he helps them work their way through it.

Michael played professional basketball and he founded three international software companies. Despite that, things happened in his life where he became very unhappy which became the catalyst for the change. He entered the University of Santa Monica where he went in search of a masters degree in spiritual psychology.

Michael has been speaking professionally for 9 years and is based out of California. He speaks in the U.S. and internationally. He has written a book called “The Experiment” which is an Amazon bestseller.

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Andy Curry

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