Women-owned businesses increased 21% over the past five years to almost 13 million but women business owners on average are barely hitting the six figures.

Melanie Benson is the CEO of Profit Amplifier, and the host of the highly successful podcast, Amplify Your Success, has help many entrepreneurs achieve financial success as well as enhance their visibility.

Get ready to be re-wired for wealth!

If you are a female entrepreneur, consultant, coach or speaker who makes a living sharing your knowledge, experience or expertise, and if you desire to cancel the cash flow crisis, or scale to six figures and beyond, today’s guest can help you re-position yourself as an influential expert.  You’re in for a treat day.

You’ll learn about:

  • The million-dollar blind spot
  • Major challenges women entrepreneurs face and how to avoid them
  • How women can get past the Fear of Failure
  • A $200k to 7 figures case study
  • The myth about being a Superwoman
  • Tripling your revenue working under 40 hours









Lisa C. Williams

Lisa C.Williams works with media outlets around the country providing them quotes and content from subject matter experts and professionals from various industries.Lisa is a bestselling author, book publisher and radio show producer of a new on-demand show called, Game Changers Radio Network launching in January 2020.