Martin Saenz Makes Mortgage Note Investing Easier

Many people have considered dabbling in real estate investing but were dissuaded by stories of nightmare tenants, vacancy problems, high maintenance costs and any number of other issues that keep landlords lying awake at night.

Today’s guest, Martin Saenz of 2nd Chance Funding is taking an entirely different approach to real estate investing to generate high returns for himself and his clients – purchasing mortgage notes.

If you have heard of this type of investment – or perhaps even considered purchasing mortgage notes yourself in the past – but were put off by what seemed like a mysterious way to make money, you’re going to be very interested to hear what Mr. Saenz has to say.

The author of the upcoming book Mortgage Note Investing Made Easier, Martin has developed a formula that virtually anyone can follow to profit handsomely while helping distressed borrowers stay in their homes.

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