Marquel Russell – Digital Marketing Consultant on the 3 Simple Steps to Creating a Profitable Online Business

In this episode we have to opportunity to interview Digital Marketing Consultant and Business Coach Marquel Russell. Marquel reveals the 3 simple steps to creating a profitable online business.

Marquel Russell is the creator of IntellectualProfits and is considered the secret weapon for coaches, consultants and service professionals that want to scale their business to 6 or 7-Figures Quickly. He specializes in creating automated client attraction systems that do the selling for you and enroll happy, high paying clients sales on demand.

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Evelio Silvera

Evelio Silvera is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and award-winning speaker and speechwriter, who brings you proven strategies and valuable insights on what it means to be an influential and successful entrepreneur in today’s marketplace. Evelio is dedicated to helping fellow entrepreneurs maximize their business and personal growth.