In this episode, Host Jerica Glasper interviews Texas RE/MAX Realtor Marilyn Tarver about the key facts and common misconceptions around the home-buying process for first-time home owners.


Marilyn Tarver is a Realtor in Highland Village, Texas who has a passion for helping individuals and families find the perfect home, or sell the one that has memories and personal history for them. Through her former career as a flight attendant with 2 major carriers for over 10 years and other various customer facing positions with Fortune 500 companies, she learned the importance of providing outstanding customer service.

She has a caring spirit and pours out her joy of helping others every time she interacts with someone who may be just looking for more information to those who are ready to walk hand in hand with an expert as they navigate the home-buying process.

Marilyn Tarver can be reached at the RE/MAX office at:

RE/MAX Cross Country
1990 Justin Road, Highland Village, Texas
(469) 464-2663 (cell)
(214) 619-6333 (office)
On Facebook @

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