In this episode, Clarence Fisher talks with Kevin Burr, the owner of Barracuda Staffing, Barracuda Consulting, and five-time winner of the Tulsa Awards for Best Staffing Company about how to hire great talent.

Kevin reveals how every Hiring Manager can build the championship team their business needs, sharing his expertise on everything from how to attract top candidates to avoiding common hiring pitfalls.

In this interview, Burr draws on more than a decade of proven success as the owner of Barracuda Staffing, a five-time winner of the Tulsa Awards for Best Staffing Company.

This insightful episode gives you the unique opportunity to learn:

  • How Hiring Managers can increase hiring speed and save money on the many costs incurred in the hiring process—advertising, background testing, training, and onboarding, to name a few—while matching the right person with the right job.
  • The science behind hiring, including pre-screening, personality scans, creating job postings that stand out, and why a great candidate may not be right for your company culture. 
  • How to find the perfect staffing agency for your company with a comprehensive list of questions to ask during your search.

…and much more!

Full of smart advice and revealing stories about the realities of hiring in today’s business world, Hired to Hire is your go-to resource for putting together the superstar team that will bring your company to new levels of success.

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For more information about Kevin Burr and Barracua Staffing visit: http://www.BarracudaStaffing.com

Clarence Fisher

Clarence Fisher is a Published Author and sought-after Digital Marketing Consultant at Tulsa Internet Marketing ; famous for finding out what works in a marketplace and positioning companies to dominate their market online. He also hosts the Local Market Monopoly™ podcast covering Micro Influencers, Business Leaders and Proven Marketing Strategies.