On this episode, Clarence Fisher talks with Imane Rose, Managing Partner at Purview Life, an Aging Life Care Management firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, about how to help aging parents and special needs adults live their best life possible.

Imane has been working in the quality life management sector of elder care for the past 10 years offering her expertise as an aging life care professional.

“Think about it,” she says, “When we became parents, our parents showed us how to be parents, whether we agreed with their methods or not. Generation after generation, our parents and grandparents showed us what to do.

But the way our parents took care of the elderly will not work the same for us today. Our parents had parents who retired, then died within 2 – 5 years. Our parents are going to retire, then not die for another 20.”

We are the very first generation that will face these issues.

To avoid many of the pitfalls that may plague us during the coming Senior Tsunami, you can attend one of the many seminars held every weekend across the country, read a ton of elder care related literature every week, or you could simply carve out a little less than an hour today and listen to this podcast episode.

Do it now. You’ll be glad you did.

Inside, you’ll learn…

  • Why Imane Rose’s education and experience in helping aging parents live their best life possible makes her your perfect teacher for aging life care management.
  • The “Million Dollar TIP” I wish someone shared with me, about helping aging parents live their best life possible, when my wife and I were caring for both of our terminally ill parents (and the best way for adult children to put this tip into action today)
  • A VERY cool STRATEGY Imane Rose figured out and uses to protect herself and her family, that will revolutionize the way out-of-state children succeed with caring for their aging parents remotely.
  • The #1 SECRET every adult son or daughter needs to know when it comes to helping their aging parent(s) live their best life possible (and why it’s a secret most people have no clue about).
  • How to develop the perfect mindset every daughter must have about helping elderly parents that virtually guarantees success?
  • Specific examples and lots of other juicy tips, tricks & secrets about helping aging parents or special needs adults live their best life possible.

Go ahead! Tune in now!

To find out more about Imane Rose and Purview Life, visit:

Website: http://www.PurviewLife.com

Office: (918) 935-2020

Clarence Fisher

Clarence Fisher is a Published Author and sought-after Digital Marketing Consultant at Tulsa Internet Marketing ; famous for finding out what works in a marketplace and positioning companies to dominate their market online. He also hosts the Local Market Monopoly™ podcast covering Micro Influencers, Business Leaders and Proven Marketing Strategies.