Judith Briles is a professional speaker with 40 years of speaking experience whose topic is based around publishing and social media.

During this incredible interview, Judith reveals an enormous amount of information that will help the aspiring authors and/or speakers when it comes to building a business and writing a book. Known as The Book Shepherd, Judith is an innovative and creative writing coach, book coach and how-to-get-published expert.  She has the ability to assist you with your book and your publishing project as she has mentored upcoming authors and publishers for years. She has been interviewed on TV by Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America and CNN. Print Coverage includes the Wall Street Journal, People and Time.

Judith speaks primarily in the U.S. and is based out of Colorado. She has written an astounding 34 books and is working on the Author YOU mini-guide series.

To learn more email Judith at judith@briles.com or visit her website thebookshepherd.com

Andy Curry

Andy Curry is a Best Selling Author, publisher, multiple businesses owner and an iReporter contributor for CNN covering business innovators and successful entrepreneurs in Business, Health, Finance, and Personal Development.

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