As a successful professional speaker specializing in the topic of excellence, Jolene Church helps countless people find their ‘it’.

During this important interview, Jolene gives several ways how people can better their life and find what it is that they are missing in their lives. For example, she discusses a barista who has found his “it” and why it worked for him which is one of her anecdotal stories. Jolene is all about, as she would say, getting out of your auto-pilot mindset and getting into the driver’s seat of your own successful life. She is all about introducing a new philosophy about success psychology that will revolutionize how you approach your own life.

Jolene has been speaking professionally for 15 years and she speaks primarily in the U.S. She is based out of California and has written 2 books, her latest one being Thinking 101: Fundamentals of a successful mindset in which she co-wrote this book.

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Andy Curry

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