As a professional speaker who specializes in hurdling adversity, John Register is well known for helping countless people get inspired and motivated in their lives.

As you listen to this important interview, John reveals an in-your-face tactic to get you thinking about your life and where you are with it, plus how you can really succeed despite any setbacks you have had before. John also revealed how he went from Olympic contender one day and amputee the next.  It was that adversity that he had overcome (and many others) and he has now brought it to the table to teach people who feel stuck. He just finished speaking at TEDx Arena Circle where he challenged audience members to think about the true adversity that is overcome….hint, for John it was not his amputation.

John has been speaking professionally for 18 years and speaks in the U.S. and internationally. He is based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Andy Curry

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