Hosted By - Stewart Andrew Alexander
Our guest today has not won an Olympic medal, nor has he climbed Everest, but in June of 2015, he celebrated 26 years in business as a professional speaker, humourist and magician.
His specialist topic is the mind-set needed to achieve, build resilience and manage change and he’s certainly no stranger to challenge and change himself.
Apart from running a successful business single handed, one of his recent personal achievements is losing 7 stones, that’s just shy of 44.5 kilograms of excess weight.
And he’s here today to speak about some of the challenges, obstacles and misconceptions surrounding the people he helps in an ever changing business world.  More importantly we have the opportunity to learn from his insights and experience.
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Stewart Andrew Alexander

Stewart Andrew Alexander, the Find, Trust & Choose Guy is a Best Selling Author, host of Impact Makers Radio, and contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters covering subject-matter experts (SME) in Legal, Business, Health, Finance, and Personal Development.