As a professional business to business speaker who specializes in content to make a big difference in how a business is ran and ultimately profit, Jim Feldman has helped countless audiences make their businesses better.

Jim has been speaking professionally for 40 years. He started out by doing slide creation photography for a speech for one of his supervisors. When it came time for the supervisor to give a speech the supervisor was not able to show up. Jim volunteered to do the speech and that’s when his public speaking career was born.

In this extremely important interview, Jim discusses many of the things he does to help businesses with his talks. He also discusses a story where he shares the impact he had on one of his audience members. This is an incredible story and you must listen to this interview to really get the feel of it.

Jim is based out of Chicago and has written 14 books with 2 more books being published very soon.

To learn more:

Call Jim at: 312 527 9111 or email Jim at:

Andy Curry

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