In this episode, we are joined by Wendy Watson, a spiritual therapist and founder of To Be Revealed Spiritual Health. Wendy has transformed herself many times throughout her life and is now teaching classes on how to have a more enjoyable day and stay in tune with your intentions to achieve your goals in life. She uses her expertise to reveal what blockages are holding you back from becoming your truest and purest self, and helps you find your path and stay on it.

  • Wendy talks about how many people have shut part of themselves off or down to please adults, and how as they become adults themselves, they’re trying to find their true selves.
  • She shares her personal experience of growing up in a construction site and office with her mom and how she naturally fell into the corporate world due to her skills with numbers. However, getting laid off in 2009 was a blessing in disguise as it led her to pursue massage therapy.
  • Wendy talks about how she shut down her successful massage therapy business and moved to a state she had never been to start all over again. She also discusses how she rebranded to “To Be Revealed Spiritual Health” in January to focus on a new path.
  • She discusses how there’s a difference between helping men and women discover their spiritual side.
  • Wendy emphasizes that everyone takes their own time to progress and grow, and it depends on how diligent they want to be with their self-discovery and putting in the necessary work.

This was a fascinating discussion with Wendy Watson, a spiritual therapist and founder of To Be Revealed Spiritual Health. Wendy has shared her personal journey and how she helps others find their true selves and stay on their path. Join us next time for another episode where we learn from other experts in their fields.

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