Darla Desautel has a 20+ year background as a Management Consultant and Professional Development Coach, and 12 years as a Real Estate Broker and business owner. Darla’s services include private one-on-one coaching and live 2-Day Silva UltraMind ESP Training several times each year in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been teaching guided meditation and intuitive development since 1980. The intuition and psychic development techniques she teaches apply to all arenas of personal and professional life.  Darla currently resides in Mesa, AZ. Contact Darla for a free consultation about the application of intuition to your specific industry.

In this very informative and eye opening conversation, Darla shares:

  • How to use your intuition
  • How to accurately receive messages
  • How to practice intuition
  • The difference between intuition and imagination
  • What’s the first step to access our intuition
  • What intuition really is
  • The biggest misconception about intuition
  • Three tips to develop our intuition

Learn more at: In-Person Training with Darla

Darla’s free guided meditation

Darla can be contacted via email darladesautel@gmail.com, Facebook messaging, and via telephone Arizona business hours 218-766-5523.

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JC Soto

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