Vanessa Raymond is a confidence coach, author and public speaker. She is also the founder of Achieve Academy. Her mission is to empower professionals to become successful in the fitness, beauty, health, and wellness industry by providing them with the necessary education tools to perform at a high level. Vanessa is passionate about helping people from all walks of life live their best life by implementing unstoppable self-confidence and a positive body image. She created the Victory Factor Self-Image coaching program, as well as her Killer Confidence workshop series.

In this eye-opening conversation Vanessa shares:

  • Two elements that are more effective than just skill
  • What’s the necessary ingredient to get high paying clients
  • The result of not valuing ourselves
  • Two of our most common fears
  • The fine line between confidence and arrogance
  • How our confidence helps empower others
  • How to lead a conversation
  • Making people feel comfortable using our body language
  • The snowball effect
  • What confidence is really about
  • How our body-mind connection affects our state
  • The four cornerstones of confidence

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