Sally Gilbert-Lewien is the owner of Fitbak Systems and she has spent the past 15 years teaching and treating people in pain. Two years into her massage career, Sally was introduced to Spinal Reflex Therapy and the world of neuroscience. This changed her life and her business.

She has developed a highly effective scientific-based treatment protocol to address chronic pain and its relationship to soft tissue, posture, ergonomics, and habitual holding patterns. This has lead to the treatment of many failed and unresolved cases. Sally loves to teach and empower her clients to take an active roll in their health and recovery.

​In this highly informative conversation, Sally discusses:

  • What pain really is
  • The most common way most people look at pain
  • The problem with our mindset
  • What’s chronic pain
  • Soft tissue treatment benefits for business owners
  • The #1 pain reduction “go-to” mostly everyone uses
  • What’s blocking the pain reception to the brain
  • What’s neuroplasticity
  • The myth of aging and pain

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