Jennilynne Coley is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Energy Healer and Hemp Industry Advocate.  In 2015, she officially transitioned from her former career of 15 years in the financial services industry and is now the Founder and a De-Stress Specialist at The De-Stress Lounge in Aurora, Colorado.

As a professional coach, educator and mentor, Jennilynne has worked with a variety of clients, including individuals and families, high level executives and CEOs, as well as small to mid-size business owners.

Jennilynne considers herself to be a personal growth junkie and a lifelong learner, aspiring to pass that passion and wisdom on to her three beautiful children.

In this very informative interview, Jennilynne shares:

  • Where stress frequently comes from
  • What really happens when we are stressed
  • What problems really are
  • The two fears we are born with
  • How the ego works to keep us safe
  • The one word that’s even better than the word “power”
  • 3 Powerful tips to de-stress quickly

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