Alice Brink is the founder of Energy InterPLAY. She is also a Self-Empowerment Coach and Energy Trainer. She applies the concept of FLOW to life and business. Alice also integrates leadership and life coaching methods like the MAP Protocol and Co-Active Coaching, with Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique and many other energy healing modalities to customize a process that helps you become your OWN BEST COACH.

In this insightful interview, Alice shares insiders’ tips on how to get in the FLOW.

Some of these valuable tips include:

  • How the infinity symbol works with the flow of energy
  • What is business from a new perspective
  • What relaxation does to our body
  • The myth of separation
  • The power of looking
  • How to tune to the energetic body
  • How to do affirmations
  • What’s the best information you can get

Free Gift: Intro Session to MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities), go to “contact us” on her website and ask for the free session.

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JC Soto is a Coach, Best Selling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio, contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine. His interview guests share the same values of mindfulness, spirituality and oneness in their businesses and personal lives.