Aleasha Bahr is a CEO/Owner & High End Marketing and Sales Strategist.
After 13 years successfully closing 90-100% of her 5 and 6 figure sales meetings, her life passion is now giving others her closing framework so they can experience the same sales success. She helps business owners and their sales teams put humanity back in their sales and make a killing doing it.

In this highly informative conversation, Aleasha discusses:

  • The relationship between marketing and sales
  • The right mental conversation to have before a sales call
  • How to treat the sales process
  • What’s the core of the sales process
  • What is the best type of sale
  • The importance of “understanding”
  • What’s the second layer of listening
  • The importance of a sales framework
  • Tips to improve your sales process
  • What makes a great salesperson

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JC Soto

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