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As a professional speaker who specializes in the concept of flexible work and its implications for managers, James Ware advises countless businesses by working with their managers and staff to establish flexible work environments, collaborative leadership, and power sharing.

During this important interview, James describes how many employees today are working from home and communicating with their employers via computer, Skype, phone, email, and more. Jim also discusses the most critical flexible work challenges that many employers face and how to deal with them, including the common concerns he hears, such as  “How can I manage employees I can’t see?” and “How do I know they are really working?”

Jim also reveals the Number 1 tool that he suggests business owners use to make sure their remote employees are actually doing what they say they are doing.

James has been speaking professionally for over 20 years and speaks primarily in the U.S. He is based out of California and has co-authored 4 books, with another one in the works called: “Making Meetings Matter.”

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