In this interview, Gregory Yond, a Mortgage Specialist in Dallas, Texas, shares common facts and demystifies common misconceptions around what you need to know in order to successfully finance your first home.

About Gregory Yond – The Mortgage Guru

Always viewing life as a glass half full, Gregory decided to take the unconventional path in life by joining the military straight out of high school.  It wasn’t long before he found himself in Iraq.  It was in Iraq where Gregory realized how precious life was and learned to value every moment, even the challenging ones.

Passionate about helping people, Gregory left the military and became a Police Officer where he learned the importance of mentoring and giving back to the community.  Today, Gregory is a Mortgage Consultant in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and he enjoys educating first time home-buyers about the importance of home ownership.

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LOCATION:  Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

FACEBOOK: search “Gregory Yond”



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