As a former engineer who is now a speaker that specializes in helping people become passionate with their life, Gary Yamamoto brings practical tools and a unique twist to his audiences when he speaks.

The five topics Gary gives speeches on are passion, motivation, dreams, personal development including change, and developing creativity.  When it comes to passion, Gary explains how he used to be an engineer and lost interest in life because it felt so humdrum over time.  When he realized that was happening, he also realized other engineers had the same problem. That’s when Gary entered the speaking business to not only help himself, but also all others in the same boat, from engineers to insurance agents and salespeople.

As you listen to this interview, you will hear a very entertaining segment on how Gary interprets dreams. Be sure to listen to that – you will enjoy it.

Gary is based out in Arizona. He has written three books (including one on using dreams for creativity and personal development), and co-authored three.

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