Hosted By - Stewart Andrew Alexander

Erik Deitz, Personality Specialist and Founder of Erik Deitz Global helps people to communicate more effectively, increase their income, close more sales and build better relationships.

As an Entrepreneur, Speaker & Trainer, with more than 10 years’ experience in sales, and a Consistent 6 figure income track record, he’s a leading authority on sales & personality training systems.

Using the B.A.N.K. ® system, he increased the sales and income of his direct sales company by 300 percent!

A recipient of numerous awards & recognition, he is best known for his sales income record of $500,000.00+ in sales within 6 months. As a coveted keynote speaker and trainer, he teaches the B.A.N.K. ® system to top sales organizations worldwide.

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Stewart Andrew Alexander

Stewart is a Best Selling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio, Impact Makers Radio, and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine.