As a Professional Speaker with 40 years of experience, Steve McSwain gives talks on financial matters in ways that one may not consider to be the norm. His talks are on giving away your money before you die instead of investment advice.

Steve is very passionate about giving talks on leaving a legacy by giving away all your money by the end of your life. He notes how many people are suffering and how so many people need help not with just money but even with your time.

In this extremely important interview, Steve talks lot about the people who listen to his speeches and it’s not who you may think it is, it’s rather surprising who is a attending his talks. Steve talks on leadership, spirituality, public relations and their faith, making money and giving it away.

Steve resides in Kentucky. He has written three books, one is out of print and two are active, and he has another one being released soon.

To learn more:

Call Steve at: 502 777 9426 or email him at:

Andy Curry

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