Dr. Marcia Reynolds is a leadership coach and speaker who helps people all over the world increase their emotional intelligence.

Dr. Reynolds has found that because most people are taught to suppress their emotions, they do not adequately develop emotional intelligence as adults.  This affects their abilities to both connect with and influence others. During this interview, Dr. Reynolds discusses some important ideas on how people can immediately become more emotionally intelligent.

For example, she discusses a technique to help people manage their emotional reactions to situations by discerning what really occurred from what their brain imagined.  In an effort to keep you feeling safe and comfortable, your brain often makes things up, giving you “convenient reasons” for saying, doing or not doing things.  Understanding your brain so you can make better choices is only one of the important things that Dr. Reynolds discusses in this interview.

Dr. Reynolds has written 3 books. The first one is called “Outsmart Your Brain.” The second one is “Wander Woman” for smart, strong women. The third one is “The Discomfort Zone” for leaders facing difficult conversations. The last two are Amazon Best Sellers.

To learn more, contact Dr. Marcia Reynolds at outsmartyourbrain.com

Andy Curry

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