As a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Erika Burley helps countless people in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

At a young age Dr. Burley realized that she wanted to be a doctor. She just did know at the time if she wanted to be a M.D or a Dentist. One summer a dentist ask her to come to work for him because he needed help. Dr. Burley agreed and many times while the doctor was doing procedures,  she would sneak back and watch what the doctor was doing because it fascinated her. That love for the dentistry greatly affected Dr. Burley and she eventually went to dental school so that she could pursue her dream.

In this extremely important interview, Dr. Burley discusses lots of the procedures that she does with patients such as using Invisalign™, same day crown, and more.

To learn more: Go to her website at  or Call: 704-364-7832

Andy Curry

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