In a recent interview with Stewart Andrew Alexander, Dr. Deborah Johnson-Blake, author of “52 Time Management H.A.C.K.S: Helpful Actions To Conquer And Kick Time Setbacks,” discussed the topic of managing your time.

According to Johnson-Blake, there are many definitions of time management available to the average layperson, which can be overwhelming. However, after conducting extensive research, her own definition is, time management is the ability to spend time on achievable tasks. 

In other words, people are not managing time, they are managing the tasks and the resources in their lives to achieve their goals.

When asked if time management was just a trend, Johnson-Blake added, “I don’t believe time management itself is a trend because most people are lifelong learners and are always looking for opportunities and strategies to improve their lives, especially with time. Time management is no different and it’s here to stay as a way of life.”

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