In this insightful interview, CrossFit fitness trainer and competitor Dana Howell, shares what CrossFit really is and what makes it different.

CrossFit is a well-recognized name in the fitness industry that applies a different workout approach which better translates to our common everyday activities. Despite the well-established name, there are misconceptions about these types of workouts.

Besides the specifics of this fitness program, Dana also discusses the reality of possible injuries when working out.

Learn about the functional movements included in the workouts and how they help us perform better in everything we do.

Dana addresses intensity and the fun factors as parts of this type of workout.

Discover the difference between the high-intensity CrossFit events that we see on TV versus the actual workouts that are carefully planned for their fitness clients from all walks of life.

Find out about the types of clients that apply the CrossFit workout principles to their different types of sports and everyday activities.

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