As a professional speaker who delivers keynotes on business ethics, Chuck Gallagher is definitely the expert as you will hear.

During this important interview, Chuck reveals how he made a poor choice in his younger years by embezzling money and how he later became a sought-after speaker. Chuck noted before his mistake that he testified before Congress and was a partner in a CPA firm. He taught continuing education in many states and as Chuck would be the first to say, he had a great career.

Be sure to listen to this interview as you hear the amazing story that Chuck ended up with and how he is now the premiere expert and a sought-after speaker in the business ethics world.

Chuck’s focus is definitely on business but he has a passion for empowering others and as you listen to this interview, you’ll hear about his unique and powerful presentation that he gives to really draw attention to business ethics and the importance of it.

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Andy Curry

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