In this episode, Clarence Fisher interviews Christina Culver, the CEO of “Love. Grow. Bloom.”

Christina is a woman who proudly and successfully wears many hats, thriving in her multiple roles as mother, successful entrepreneur, and source of inspiration for college girls across the country wishing to remain connected with their loved ones back home.

As the founder “Love. Grow. Bloom.,“ Christina helps college girls transition into and enjoy university life through a subscription service which sends out a “Bloom Box” every few weeks throughout the school year. Each box contains specially curated items thoughtfully picked out “by college girls for college girls.”

Each box is lovingly packed with care and attention, containing fun and trendy products, and encouraging messages on how to deal with college life.

In this conversation with Clarence, she shares how this subscription service got started. Asked about some of the lessons she learned in the early days and as her business expanded, Christina talks about the importance of managing cost, and how acquiring funding has helped with marketing

She also shares other business experiences that an entrepreneur encounters when experiencing growth.

Christina reveals how fulfilling it is to be able to help other people stay connected, as she and her own daughters find fresh inspiration in the overwhelmingly positive response to their service.

To find out more about Christina Culver and how she empowers college girls and their loved ones to “Love always. Grow Daily. Bloom fully.” through her Bloom Boxes, visit:


Clarence Fisher

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