In this episode we have to opportunity to interview Life & Business Strategist Charlie Hugh-Jones.

Charlie writes, speaks and coaches high-performing individuals and entrepreneurs on how to unlock a better, more conscious version of themselves so that they can be more productive, feel more purposeful, enjoy more resilience, and deepen their connection with those they love.

About Unlocking a More Productive You

Too often, success comes at the expense of our health and our most valuable relationships – it’s not often a cost we consciously choose to pay either – it just happens.

That’s pretty much the story of my early “success”. Productivity was the foundation of that success in the early part of a career where everything was judged by the six minute unit; I became really good at delivering for my clients and my employer, outworking, outsmarting and outproducing my peers. I became insanely productive and myopically focused on what I thought would get me to partnership in a top law firm quicker than anyone else. I thought that would benefit my family but I was not necessarily paying attention to what mattered most.

True productivity isn’t getting more done – it is getting more of what matters most, done. And it’s doing that without the stress, overwhelm and anxiety that our hyper-connected, always-on, intensely demanding world often provokes in us. And that’s what this book will help you do.

In this book I explain my three core principles of productivity:

  • The Power of “No”
  • Don’t Manage Time, Manage Your Energy
  • Harness Ritual and Routine, Don’t Be A Slave To Them

And then I give you a set of proven and very practical tools and strategies to implement each one of those principles in your daily life to Unlock a More Productive You!

To Learn More about Charlie Hugh-Jones:

(BOOK) Unlocking a More Productive You by Charlie Hugh-Jones

(WEBSITE) www.CharlieHughJones.com

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