Anthony Ackroyd rose to fame on the ABC’s legendary comedy show The Big Gig and has performed in over one hundred TV programs, radio shows and feature films (he was even a question on Wheel of Fortune!). Anthony is currently a cast member of Australia’s highest rating radio comedy show Thank God It’s Friday.

Anthony defines his mission as being “To help as many people as possible have amazingly happy and successful lives by teaching them how to use the power of humour, laughter and creativity to their advantage.” In a stellar career spanning over there decades he has done just that as a comedian, speaker and seminar leader.

Anthony’s quest to help people through laughter led him to spend several years as a clown-doctor, bringing the benefits of humour to sick children in hospitals. He has also worked as a humour therapist with people with dementia and disability. He is considered a leading authority on the practical applications of humour and laughter in business, heath, education and relationships.

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