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As an expert roofing contractor, Andy Nyberg specializes in re-roofing houses and roof repairs. Andy resides and works in the Chicago area and helps countless customers needing his services.

Andy discovered that home owners were in need of his services because of their lack of knowledge about the issues surrounding the know-how of getting a roof repaired or installed.  Many roofing problems, when ignored, could result in costly repair damages such as flooding in the home, ruining valuable woodwork, and more.

In this extremely important interview, Andy discusses many of the issues home owners need to know and be aware of what could happen if they are ignored. Andy goes over the details of what it takes to find a trusted roofer, how to tell if a roofer you’re considering is trustworthy, and much more.

Andy also gives important tips about insurance roofing jobs, obstacles facing homeowners and roofers, and more.

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Andy Curry

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