Zarifa “Eva” Hanifi – CEO of Go Minis Sacramento and Water Warehouse Sacramento on Overcoming Challenges

Zarifa “Eva” Hanifi is a spirited entrepreneur and 2x franchise owner with businesses focused on both water and storage solutions in Northern California.

But what really makes Eva special is her backstory. This young immigrant from war-torn Afghanistan has endured challenges that most wouldn’t dare imagine.

In this episode of the Business Innovators Radio Podcast, Eva shares her story of losing her home and her country to war, but never her identity or her drive to succeed. She shares tips on working with the Small Business Administration to help her build two successful franchises, and the mindset that helped her move beyond war and into the business world.

To learn more about Zarifa “Eva” Hanifi and how she can help you, connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook, or visit her Go Minis or Water Warehouse websites.

Rick Brown

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