Tom Hopkins has earned the reputation of being America’s #1 “How-To” Sales Trainer. Over 5 million salespeople, entrepreneurs, and sales managers on 5 continents have benefited from his live training seminars.

Tom perfected his selling skills during his 8-year real estate career in which he received numerous awards. In his last year selling real estate, he sold 365 homes – an average of one per day – something that was unheard of at the time and has rarely been matched even today.

Since that time, Tom has developed and customized his proven-effective selling skills for nearly 300 industries. He has authored 18 books on the subjects of selling and success. Over 2.9 million copies of those books have been read by sales pros the world over. Tom Hopkins has dedicated his life to helping sales and marketing professionals improve their communication skills and increase sales revenues.

In this exciting and engaging interview Tom shares with us the most important trait of highly successful sales people. He calls it “The Big D.” Many believe that Desire is the most important trait, but Tom teaches us that it’s something else. To learn the most important trait of high achievers in sales, listen in.

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Conston Taylor is a specialized marketing expert and host of Business Innovators Radio.

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